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7 most popular Instagram places in Madrid [in 2020]

If you are a fan of Instagram and photography, you need to know about the 7 most exquisite and impressive places in Madrid to get a beautiful photo session in 2020.

plaza mayor de Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain, it is well known and highly appreciated in terms of architecture and attractiveness. There are also several places in Madrid that represent the extreme beauty of nature.

These beautiful places not only present natural beauty, but also illustrate the history and cunning nature of the human brain. If you are a photography fanatic, the sites mentioned below are the most exquisite and impressive places in Madrid to get a beautiful photo shoot.

1) Temple of Debod

Templo de Debod en Madrid, España

This 2,200-year-old Egyptian structure is a radiant site and ideal for a good photo shoot. The temple is located in the center of an elegant park, the Parque de la Montaña, and is indeed an exceptional gem for the city. It provides different sites that serve for all kinds of photo shoots.

The Temple of Debod seems more magical in the late afternoon and especially during sunset; it is surrounded by a pool that helps highlight its unique natural beauty. Apart from this, photography is allowed in this beautiful place and, without a doubt, it is the best place to photograph in Madrid. The Mountain Park in which the temple is located is at the top of a hill.

This allows you to get a panoramic view of Madrid. Access to a panoramic and bird’s eye view area like this enhances the beauty of your photographs.

2) San Miguel Market

mercado san miguel

The San Miguel Market is an extensive food market that opened in 1916. In addition to the succulent delicacies that this market offers, it also offers a great atmosphere and background to take good photos.

The authentic and natural climate, the beautiful architectural designs and the background view of local life that this place creates make it one of the most photogenic places in Madrid.

3) Plaza Mayor

fotografía plaza mayor de Madrid.jpg

Plaza Mayor is an incredible location and a very suitable place for a photo shoot in Madrid. It is a large plaza with elegant buildings and shops everywhere. Both the internal part and the structures of the external part are a beauty to behold.

The vast and beautiful area of ​​the Plaza Mayor allows you to get the best photography, which makes it a great place to take photos.

4) Metropolis Building

edificio metropolis madrid

The French Beaux-Arts architectural design used for the Metropolis Building makes it unique, vibrant, and a great place for photography. The Metropolis Building is an iconic and impressive monumental building, its facade is also amazing and beautiful.

The images in the Metropolis Building look more lush and magnificent when taken at night. In this place, the elegant statues, decorations and pillars enhance the beauty of your photographs. There are many attractive angles from which you can have a great photo shoot because even the nearby areas are full of amazing architecture.

5) Crystal Palace

This impressive Crystal Palace was built in 1887 by the Spanish architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco, and is located in the center of the famous Retiro Park. This building is exceptionally magnificent and has a small pond populated by swans, turtles, and adorable ducks.

Its impressive metal structure is covered mainly by glass, hence its name. The large size and beautiful surroundings of the Crystal Palace enhance the beauty and quality of the photographs.

6) The Puerta de Alcalá

La puerta de alcalá


One of the tourist emblems of Madrid is without a doubt La Puerta de Alcalá. It was built during the reign of King Carlos III in 1778 and designed in a neoclassical style by the Italian architect Francesco Sabatini. Located in the Plaza de la Independencia, La Puerta de Alcalá was erected at the entrance to the city, near El Retiro and the road that led to Alcalá de Henares.

This historical monument is a triumphal arch with five spans and is also the first built in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire, being a precursor to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

The Puerta de Alcalá is one of the old royal doors that gave access to the city of Madrid, on its facade you can see details that are a work of art, such as the inscriptions on the coat of arms, the four sculptures of children, and the four virtues: Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Strength.

7) Palace of the Marquis of Linares

The Linares Palace, previously known as the Murga Palace, is a building where José de Murga and Reolid and Raimunda de Osorio lived, known as the Marquises of Linares.

The palace is located in the city of Madrid, in the Plaza de Cibeles and was built on an old 3064-meter plot purchased from the Madrid City Council, but it was not until 1900 when the works would be completely finished.

It is also one of the most important tourist sites in Madrid, a terrifying legend haunts the palace, which, according to the Madrid community, the Linares palace would contain the ghosts of the first Marquises of Linares, as well as that of a girl, her alleged daughter.

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